OpenM++: open source microsimulation platform

About: OpenM++ is an open source microsimulation platform inspired by and compatible with Modgen. OpenM++, compare to it close source predecessor, has many distinct features like portability, scalability and open source. It is not a copy of the Modgen, but a new, functionally equal implementation of publicly available specifications. OpenM++ does not depend on Modgen, does not use Modgen and does not share any source code with Modgen. On the other hands, you can be compile and run Modgen models by using OpenM++.
Demo: OpenM++ RStudio demo login
Please e-mail us for user name and password. (no, we do not collecting e-mails for markeiting, project resources are very limited and this only why we not publishing password here)
Documentation: Project documentation and source code documenation can be found at our wiki.
R Package: OpenM++ R package documenation.
License: OpenM++ is open source project licensed under MIT license terms.
Feel free to use it for open and closed source projects, commercial and freeware.
Downloads: OpenM++ binaries for Windows and Linux. Latest release: 2016-03-22
Source Code: OpenM++ source code available for in our Git repository.
SourceForge: Please visit our page at SourceForge to find more about OpenM++.